MsR3 along with their select partners offer not only decades of experience, they offer broad and diverse talents and impressive credentials. Ms. Black, President of MsR3 possesses impressive credentials listed below. Credentials alone do not begin to demonstrate the breadth and depth of knowledge Ms. Black possesses. She has over 30 years of experience working for industrial manufacturing, environmental services, educational and governmental organizations. Her expertise is diverse and rare. For example, she was trained by the Boston Big Dig rescue team prior to serving on the rescue planning team for Gwinnett County, Ga. first underground tunnel project. The tunnel was a two mile long sewer pipeline. She then was involved in the tunnel project that ran under Lake Lanier to pull water from the lake for water production. She served as a subject matter expert on the Park and Trail advisement development team for Gwinnett County. She served on planning committee for development of one of the largest waste water treatments plants in the Southeastern United States. She served on the time traffic implementation team (TIM) for incident management. She has performed accident investigation/ re-construct classes with the National Transportation Safety Board and has investigated workzone fatalities with DOT, Police Fatality Units, Georgia State Patrol and the Coroner's office. Her knowledge of MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) regulations greatly and positively affected the results of these investigation efforts. She completed proficiency testing with the NTSB (National Transportation and Safety Board) Accident Investigation classes and Accident Reconstruction Classes. Ms. Black can measure and calculate yaw marks, skid marks and estimate speeds to analyze accidents. She is approved and accredited to teach Fleet Safety at the College level. Ms. Black's experiences and credentials put her in an elite group of safety and loss prevention professionals.

We provide guidance and training programs for: OSHA Compliance, Risk Management, Risk Reduction Training, Emergency Planning, Safety Inspections, Safety Audits, Safety Training, Safety Inspections, Safety CPTED, Crime Prevention through Environmental Design, Workplace Violence Prevention, Conflict Resolution, Emergency Preparedness, Safety Policies and Procedures, Accident Investigations, Safety program development, Accident Investigation Safety Awareness, Safety Leadership, Office Safety, Office Ergonomics (Back, Knee, Shoulder Injury Prevention), Eye Safety, Hearing Loss Conservation, Confined Space, Trenching & Shoring, CPR/AED/First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens, Compressed Gas Safety, Hand/Power Tool Safety, Lockout/Tagout, Respirator Standard, Heat Stress Prevention, Poisonous Plants, GA DOT Flagging Course, and Hazard Communication Standards.

  • Risk Reduction services not limited to Training, Inspections, Investigations, Policies, Procedures, Programs and Safety Products.
  • Conducts industrial hygiene surveys such as indoor air quality, noise exposure, and light readings to develop programs and implement engineering controls to reduce exposure risks.
  • Performs loss control safety inspections of crews, facilities, and equipment to formulate targeted and effective loss control programs.
  • Consults with Clients, Project Managers and Architects to review drawings and plans during construction phases of projects including new construction and build outs of administrative facilities, production plants, water treatment plants, water tunnels, towers, etc.
  • Compiles loss control data for trending and provides analysis and recommendations to senior management.
  • Fire Prevention & Boiler & Machinery inspections to reduce risks and/or prepare for Insurance carrier inspections. We know what Insurance carriers look for and we are also well versed in NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), and NEC (National Electrical Codes) codes.
  • Auto fleet safety assessments and corrective actions
  • Public building assessments for compliance to Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements
  • Ergonomic assessments, engineering fixes and fit for duty analysis
  • Accident and incident investigations and corrective action development.
  • Industrial Hygiene Audits, Engineering Fixes, Personal Protective Equipment selection and training for proper use.
  • Emergency Plan development and training and drills
  • Recreational Activity Safety – Parks, playground and recreational facility plan reviews and assessments and corrective actions of existing facilities. We are well versed in the Consumer Products Safety Commission’s Playground safety guidelines as well as aquatic facilities design and standards.
  • Review and investigation of injuries to the public and property loss claims such as floods, erosion issues, pipe failures, etc.

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